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What does Vine Street Ventures do?

Vine Street Ventures, Inc. ("VSV") is a full-service real estate services company based in Dallas, TX specializing in hospitality centered mixed-used urban projects.


Founded in 2010 by Jeff Cohen, VSV provides a comprehensive array of services to its clients and partners alike in the development, acquisition, entitlement, strategic branding, ownership, design coordination, and asset management of hospitality related projects throughout North America.

While the principal of VSV has experience working with independent and global hospitality companies such as Marriott, Kimpton, Hilton, Hyatt, and Wyndham (to name a few), VSV remains brand agnostic as the company’s primary goal is to select the best brand to satisfy ownership and customer demands while maximizing economics returns. 


VSV has hotel development experience in all hospitality asset segments and prefers to be a “low volume, high margin” firm, which allows flexibility, speed and a high-level of focus no matter the project.  Each development we undertake showcases architectural innovation, a modern aesthetic and effortlessly reconstructs the site into an iconic location.

What We Do

Land Use / Entitlements:

We view entitlements as the backbone of every project and the key to achieving the parcel’s highest and best use.  As seasoned developers we know what it takes to obtain permits and zoning in a smart, coherent and timely fashion and in a way that maximizes the use, functionality and value of a project.  We coordinate the entitlement process with all professionals involved (i.e. legal, architectural, designer, engineers and other consultants) and we work closely with local commissions, agencies and city officials to obtain the most favorable entitlements possible in the best interests of Owners and their projects.  VSV performs extensive market research studies and financial models to achieve highest and best use planning in order to evaluate cost to build versus projected returns. We take into account the physical functionality of the project/site and its financial feasibility.

Mixed-Use Programing:

We stick to the program. VSV works diligently to develop strong components that enhance the overall property. We ensure that the site not only meets the guidelines set out in the master plan, but that the design exhibits a high level of functionality. We align our clients’ sites with third parties and operators whose services translate to the overall essence of the brand.

Brand Alignment:

We build buildings and grow brands. Our building method is designed to mirror our clients’ brand initiatives. We re-purpose sites and locations, interjecting a style and aesthetic that is central to the clients’ message while integrating local site attributes and operation brand standards that maximize the entire project, not just the individual asset.

Capital Sourcing & Coordination:

We assist owners to locate and source capital to finance the project. Whether through institutions, through private sources or through federal, state and local programs (such as, but not limited to: historic tax credits, tax incentive financing, increment tax abatement, PACE and EB5), we know how to connect to capital and we know the level of due diligence required in order to close complicated highly structured transactions.

Construction Management & Contract Administration:

We provide a project’s owner(s) with effective management and evaluation of contractor/sub-contractor selection, project's schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope, and function. We have a proven record of developing projects on-time and on-budget.

LEED Certification & Sustainability:

We build for a better future. We offer clients a choice of building with a green initiative. Our construction and design team is equipped with the tools to identify, coordinate, implement, and certify environmentally conscious measures throughout the site as well as provide green maintenance solutions. 

Asset Management:

Even when the project is complete, open and operating, we work closely with ownership to ensure that all operating obligations and future capital projects are being fulfilled and thoroughly evaluated in order to maximize asset performance.

Our Services
The Team

Jeff Cohen,

President & Chief Executive Officer

Greg Cohen,

Director Of Legal Affairs

Our Brand Affiliations
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